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Tarbosaurus - Wikipedia Making a plaster cast, called an endocast, of the inside of this cavity allowed Maleev to make preliminary observations about the shape of a Tarbosaurus brain. A newer polyurethane rubber cast allowed a more detailed study of Tarbosaurus brain structure and function. Homo naledi – Wikipedia Homo naledi ist eine ausgestorbene Art der Gattung Homo.Die Art wurde im Jahr 2015 anhand von Fossilien aus der Rising-Star-Höhle von einer Arbeitsgruppe um Lee Berger in die Fachliteratur eingeführt. Taung Child - Wikipedia The Taung Child (or Taung Baby) is the fossilised skull of a young Australopithecus africanus. It was discovered in 1924 by quarrymen working for the Northern Lime Company in Taung, South Africa. Raymond Dart described it as a new species in the journal Nature in 1925. The Taung skull is in repository at the University of Witwatersrand.

Endocast definition: a cast made of the inside of a cranial cavity to show the size and shape of the brain: | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Log In Dictionary. Thesaurus. Translator. Grammar. English. Dictionary Grammar Blog School

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What is ENDOCAST? What does ENDOCAST mean? ENDOCAST meaning, 04.05.2017 · ENDOCAST meaning - ENDOCAST pronunciation - ENDOCAST definition - ENDOCAS Skip navigation What does ENDOCAST mean? ENDOCAST meaning, definition & explanation The Audiopedia. Loading Endocast : Wikis (The Full Wiki) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An endocast or endocranial cast is a cast made of the mold formed by the impression the brain makes on the inside of the neurocranium (braincase), providing a replica of the brain with most of the details of its outer surface.

28 Jan 2005 Brain Endocasts is the only comprehensive, single-volume work dealing exclusively and uniformly with fossil hominid brain endocasts.

Endocast | Definition of Endocast by Merriam-Webster Endocast definition is - endocranial cast. Recent Examples on the Web And the endocast, which was a little too large for a nonhuman ape of that age, had surface features characteristic of a human brain. Australopithecus sediba – Wikipedia Australopithecus sediba ist eine Art der ausgestorbenen Gattung Australopithecus, die vor rund zwei Millionen Jahren im Gebiet des heutigen Südafrika lebte. „Das rekonstruierte Skelett zeigt viele affenähnliche, aber auch einige ‚moderne‘, der Gattung Homo zuzuordnende Merkmale. Endocranium - Wikipedia