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OG Kush was first cultivated in Florida, in the early ‘90s when a strain from Northern California was crossed with a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam. The result was a hybrid with a unique Triple OG Kush - YouTube 30.09.2018 · The triple OG kush is an American classic that every cannabis user should try. Specifically, the 100 OG kush is notable for its high THC levels as the sativa dominant hybrid packs around 18% to 21 XXX OG Cannabis Strain Information | Leafly XXX OG, from parent strains OG Kush and XXX, is an indica that took 1st place in the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. Its bulky, conic buds glow with a heavy, white coat of oozing trichomes, emitting earthy, pine, and lemon notes that combine for a sap-like aroma. In small doses, XXX OG induces modera Triple Kush (Karma Genetics) :: Cannabis Strain Info -

Triple OG gets its name from its three parent strains Triangle Kush, Constantine and Master Yoda. It was first cultivated by Walker Wade Labs and usually produces a THC level in the mid-20’s. The cured nuggets of Triple OG have healthy hues of greens speckled with trichomes that give it a lighter

OG Kush was first cultivated in Florida, in the early ‘90s when a strain from Northern California was crossed with a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam. The result was a hybrid with a unique terpene profile that boasts a complex aroma with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. The genetic backbone of West (Indica) Triple OG | CannaSense Description. Triple OG, also known as “Triple Kush,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through a three-way cross of the infamous Triangle Kush X Constantine X Master Yoda strains. OG Kush Vape: The OG Kush strain in a Terpenes & CBD infused E OG Kush CBD E Liquid. We crafted the OG Kush CBD E Liquid with vapers in mind and hemp at heart. Its aroma comes from the same compounds of the beloved OG Kush cannabis strain and comes with various levels of CBD strengths. This unique aroma is created from terpenes, the compounds that bring smell and flavoring in cannabis.

Where art and science combine to produce some of the best cannabis around. Triple OG, ACDC, Hurricane, Citrix, GG #4, Facewreck, GSC, Ninja Fruit, Northern x OG, Flo, Flo OG, Arcata Trainwreck, Walker Kush, Strawberry Shortcake, 

Triple OG Kush Medical Marijuana Reviews - THC Finder Find legal marijuana dispensaries and medical marijuana patient information. THCFinder.com is the place were patients can locate the safest and highest quality legal medical marijuana dispensaries and cannabis clubs closet to their area. Legal marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacremento, Orange County, Anaheim, Ann Arbor and EVERYWHERE legal patients have access to medical Triple X (XXX) - Cannabis Strain Report Triple X (XXX) cannabis strain by Apothecary Seed Company - Afgoo (Afgooey / Afghooey) x Skunk: reports, photos, and genetics. Triple OG Kush─影片 Dailymotion 29.09.2018 · The 100 OG kush is one of the famous hybrid cannabis strains among enthusiasts. A triple OG kush is a sativa dominant hybrid with 24% THC content. Users of the og kush indica or sativa will enjoy the cerebral boost. People with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder will also find the strain valuable for treatment. Notable side effects are dry mouth and eyes. Explore product availability

Elemental is an award winning cannabis dispensary located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Triple OG. Redwood Remedies. I. 17.93% THC. $40.003.5g 

Triple Og Kush | Facebook Triple Og Kush is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Triple Og Kush and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. 8 Tips for Cultivating OG Kush Marijuana: Grower's Guide In all likelihood, OG Kush is a genetic cross of Old-World Paki Kush and Chiding. It is an indica-dominant (75%) hybrid with a THC content that can potentially hit a whopping 26%. As it is primarily an indica, OG Kush provides you with an intensely strong high that hits you very quickly. The cerebral buzz can sedate you after a while, and it can ultimately cause couch-lock. The earthy and TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CHIP- STRAIN REVIEW | Real. Functional. The Triple Chocolate Chip strain comes from a nursery by the name of Glass House Farms. Triple Chocolate Chip results as a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. Glass House Farms is a plant nursery based in the Santa Barbara area. They pride themselves on assuring everything they do from the cannabis they cultivate to how it’s trimmed OG Kush - Cannabis